Join Us For Our 5th Annual Chanukah Concert!

The Young Israel of Pelham Parkway Jewish Center is happy to announce the date of our 5th Annual Chanukah Concert.

Join us on Sunday, December 1st at the YIPPJC for a great day of music, starting at 10:00 AM. There will be crafts for kids, a raffle with great prizes, and refreshments from Delicious on Lydig, our neighborhood Kosher store.

Come enjoy a great day of Hebrew, English, and Yiddish entertainment. Musicians include Ken Gross, Marty Laskin, Cantor Eric Freeman, Moshe Israelashvili and the Young Israel of Pelham Parkway Jewish Center’s own Associate Rabbi Benjamin Houben.

Admission is free. Co-Sponsored by the Jewish Community Council of Pelham Parkway.

Rosh Hashannah and Yom Kippur At The Young Israel of Pelham Parkway Jewish Center

Selling our old building. Starting the Housing Initiative Program. Merging with the Jewish Center. YIPPJC has just come off of some of our busiest years since our founding in 1939. You may not realize this, but we are now the largest active synagogue in the Bronx (outside Riverdale). Not only have multiple new families joined, still more are on the way. We’re proud of the steps we’ve taken to grow both the shul and the community and thank you for supporting us.

While no-one will be turned away from the YIPPJC for fiscal reason, due to our expended nature and simple inflation, we’ve had to raise the cost of membership for the coming new year. The cost of High Holiday seats, however, will remain exactly the same as it has been in years past.  Additionally, as a thank you to our members the first seat will be free. For those playing at home, that’s $350 for a one year membership (with one free seat) and additional first two tickets at $100 and any further tickets just $50. Non-members who wish to spend RH/YK with us can pay $100 – a great price for the Yomim Naroyim in the NY area! Please order tickets by 8/7/13.

It is an exciting time to be part of the YIJCC, and we would like to thank our supporters, members, and friends for being part of it with us. May you all have a Shana Tovah, a healthy and Happy New Year.

Join Us For A Great Afternoon of Jewish Music

The Jewish Community Council of Pelham Parkway will be hosting A Great Afternoon of Jewish Music at the Young Israel of Pelham Parkway Jewish Center.

The event will feature the wonderfully talented Yoel Sharabi and renowned Klezmer artist Marty Laskin.

Join us on 6/23 at 2:00 PM EDT. The event is open to the public and will be at the YIoPPJC (900 Pelham Parkway South, Muliner side entrance).

Come for the music, stay for the community.


Mazal Tov

The Young Israel of Pelham Parkway Jewish Center is proud to share the below photo, taken at the 2013 Bronx Jewish Community Council breakfast. The JCC honored Rabbi & Rebbitzen Zuckerman for the renewed energy they are bringing to both our own synagogue and the community as a whole.


Please click to enlarge.


Don’t take our word for it though. Come see for yourself.

Pelham Parkway in Hamodia

Back in December of 2012, Hamodia featured an article about the past of Pelham Parkway. One of the members of the Young Israel of Pelham Parkway Jewish Center took pen in hand to make sure that the world was just as aware of our present. The following was published in the April 17th issue:


New Picture (1)


If you want to be part of Pelham Parkway’s exciting renascence, now’s the time.

Pelham Parkway in The Jewish Week

The February 27th edition of The Jewish Week features a look at the Jewish communities of the Bronx. Entitled The Borders of Oblivion, the bleak title belays the positive message inside – despite what some think, there are still Jews in the Bronx – including here, in Pelham Parkway.

Young Israel of Pelham Parkway Jewish Center’s own Rav, Rabbi Zuckerman, is quoted in the piece:

“My impression was there were no Jews left in the Bronx. But then I’m walking on Shabbos and simply say to people, ‘Good afternoon,’ and they say back to me, ‘Good Shabbos.’ There are Jews here! They need to know, whether they are paying dues or not, they are part of our family.”

Amen, Rabbi Zuckerman.

We’d love for you to join our family.

YIPPJC Featured in Viewpoint Magazine

Check out YI PPJC in the spring edition of Viewpoint Magazine. Viewpoint is the official Magazine of the national Council of Young Israel.

New Picture

In case you are unable to read the image, here is the text – written by YIJCPP’s own Rabbi Shmurl Zuckerman with Daniel Horowitz:

Many people in Pelham Parkway weren’t able to recall the last time there was a Hachnosas Sefer Torah in the neighborhood. But on the last day of Chanukah, for the first time in at least 20 years, the Young Israel of Pelham Parkway Jewish Center received a brand new Torah. Mr. Daniel Horowitz, a longtime member, donated the Torah in memory of his wife, Esther Horowitz a”h. The completion of the new Torah was celebrated with a procession beginning at one of the other neighborhood shuls and continuing up Muliner Avenue to the Young Israel. A live band accompanied the procession and dozens of members and local residents danced in the street with the Torah.

More than 300 people gathered for this event; during the speeches there was standing room only. Rabbi Shmuel Zuckerman, the Mara D’Asra, spoke and introduced the keynote speaker HaRav Peretz Steinberg, (Yoshev Rosh of the National Council’s committee on Jewish Law). Among the other distinguished rabonim were HaRavGrunblatt, (Rosh Yeshiva – Yeshiva Chofetz Chaim), Rabbi Yankelowitz (RoshYeshiva - Yeshiva University), and RavAvrohom Turin, (Mashgiach Ruchani- Scranton, PAl. The crowd and the rabbonim were a tremendous display of Kavod HaTorah.

The new Sefer Torah in Pelham Parkway isa piece of a bigger picture of growth in then eighborhood. For more than a year now, the shul has engaged in a strong community development initiative. Under the leadership of the board of directors and their new rav,
the shul has become a center for Torah Judaism in the Bronx. The shut’s youth department is active again, including Shabbos groups every week. And, to date, several new families have moved into the neighborhood. Membership and attendance are rising, and the future of the shul and neighborhood is bright

The donation of a new Torah to the shul is a very generous and timely gift. More than just the actual gift of the Torah, the donation is very symbolic to the members. The large gift of a brand new Torah communicates the sense of confidence that members once again
feel. One of the oldest Young Israel shuls is young once again.

Join us for Purim in Pelham Parkway!

Purim is almost here, and the Young Israel of Pelham Parkway Jewish Center invites you to come and spend it with us.

Megillah reading on Saturday night, 2/23 will be at 6:45 PM, and the Sunday 2/24 reading will be at after services (which start at 8:00 AM). Then be sure to come back at 4:15 for Mincha and our Purim Seudah! A festive meal is planned, with live music and words of Torah from our rav, Rabbi Zuckerman.

Reservations for the meal should be made as soon as possible. There is a $25 fee, with reduced cost options available - just ask. Give us a ring at (718) 824-0630 for more information or to reserve a spot today.

Also, the Young Israel of Pelham Parkway Jewish Center would like to remind everyone of the mitzvah of Matanot L’evyonim – gifts to the poor. If you would like to fullfil this important tradition through us, please contact Rabbi Zuckerman.

Welcome to Pelham Parkway

Living a Jewish life can be expensive, especially in the New York Metro area. The moment news breaks of an affordable area, there’s a run on apartments and next thing you know the hot new area is as expensive as the old established ones. More and more Jews are seeking solutions outside the New York region. Except some of us have things keeping us here, like careers, family, or completing our education. We’d like to suggest a solution closer to home: Pelham Parkway.

Affordable, safe, and convenient to just about any NY destination, the Young Israel of Pelham Parkway Jewish Center is looking for Jews who want to join our great little community. We’ve developed this “Why Pelham Parkway” Initiative to offer incentives for those willing to join us. Our program was recently featured in the September 19th New York Times.

The Young Israel of Pelham Parkway was first established in 1939 and has long been a cornerstone of Jewish life in the Bronx. Recently relocated to our new location at 2190 Muliner Avenue, right across from the lovely greenway from which the neighborhood gets it’s name and with our new Rav, Rabbi Shmuel Zuckerman, our name was changed to The Young Israel of Pelham Parkway Jewish Center in 2012. We’d love for you to come and be a part of our family.

Update: We’re proud to announce an an expansion of our Pelham Parkway Eruv. Please see the Eruv page for more details.

Merger News

We are delighted to announce an exciting step forward in the growth of our neighborhood. The Pelham Parkway Jewish Center has had a long history of dedication and service to our community for many years, while The Young Israel of Pelham Parkway has been the flagship  Orthodox Shul for over 70 years. Now, with the help of God, we are combining our efforts for the good of Jewish Pelham Parkway. The new congregation will be known as the Young Israel of Pelham Parkway Jewish Center. By merging, the two congregations become one, stronger, Shul, and we enter a new era of productivity and Judaic growth for the entire Jewish community of Pelham Parkway.

Clearly, the totality of the new Shul will be greater than the sum of its parts. The YIPPJC will continue to provide a religious home to the entire Jewish community. This includes religious services that are meaningful and spiritual, excellent learning opportunities, access to the counsel of our knowledgeable rav and our associate rabbi, and an opportunity to socialize and enjoy good food with friends and neighbors. This move enhances both our shuls and will help us to continue our work towards strengthening our community. Ultimately, it will enable us to grow even more, continuing our long-time mission and bringing about a Renaissance of Yiddishkheit in Jewish Pelham Parkway.